Hi, I’m Summer and I’m here to alchemize your office with Mother Earth. I grew up in a family of green thumbs. In my early twenties I did what lots of us do, & bought a handful of cute succulents at the farmers market in Nashville TN — that set it off. I firmly believe they’re the gateway drug to plant parenthood for lots of us out here!
I started working at a plant store some time after that, and did many hours of research on and off the job as my love for green things deepened. I find biophilic design to be thoroughly healing and therapeutic for all of us. I discovered moss as an artistic medium when I was trying to find lower maintenance options for people who wanted plant wall installations.
Moss is an incredible artistic medium. After its harvested, its then sanitized and preserved. It’s still alive, but essentially dormant. This means no bugs, no funky musty smell, no need for natural light, misting, or any other maintenance at all. Because of how quickly it grows, its not just really sustainable, its also surprisingly affordable!
I have worked with budgets of all sizes and would love to connect with you to learn about how I can help you incorporate more of Mother Nature into your company’s branding, your home, or special events. Consultations are always free. Lets harmonize!

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